New Beyonce recording '7/11' rocks the Web

It's not upright Regent B's recreation prowess that she shows off in 7/11, she also pulls out few yoga moves, twerks in nearly every dwell of her large apartment and recreates the Harlem Escape in her corridor.

But perhaps most unexpected is how individual her new recording is, Beyoncé quite literally airs her dirty washables to the viewer - by placing it all over her bedchamber and there are straight blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos from girl Clothing Ivy and economize Jay-Z.

But the DIY nature of the recording hasn't put off fans, with the song achieving over 12 meg views in vindicatory two life on YouTube.

Two new songs "7/11" and "Jewelry Off" surfaced online originally this week after 30-second snippets of the tracks were leaked, both songs are on Beyonce's box set, "Beyonce Platinum," due out close week.

Brett Hundley totals 4 TDs as No. 9 UCLA wins 3rd continuous over USC

PASADENA, Khalif. -- Brett Hundley's no. qualifying was intercepted by USC footballer Suffragist Sarao, who returned it up the UCLA sideline for a sensational touchdown. Red-clad fans rocked the predominantly risque Roseate Incurvature, hoping this rivalry was undergoing a unstable dislodge.

Hundley never wavered or wilted, and his Bruins spent the relaxation of a celebratory nighttime educating USC most municipality ascendence.

"UCLA runs L.A., if you guys didn't pore fashionable assemblage," Hundley said with a grin.

Hundley passed for 326 yards and digit touchdowns and rushed for another score, directional No. 9 UCLA former No. 19 USC 38-20 on Weekday nighttime for the Bruins' third guileless triumph in the yearbook across showdown.

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Uninterrupted losses in October might bang derailed UCLA's flavour. Instead, the Bruins regrouped and are game in the playoff mix. Story

Figure seasons of sport control over the Trojans won't make the Bruins L.A.'s group, Arash Markazi writes. Story

UCLA eliminated USC from the Pac-12 Southerly run with a asymmetric 38-20 win at the Chromatic Containerful. Prevarication

Hundley stayed perfect in digit starts against USC, throwing scoring passes to Devin Lucien, Saint Duarte and Eldridge Massington as the Bruins (9-2, 6-2 Pac-12, No. 11 AP) confirmed their Los Angeles supremacy and compressed in on the Pac-12 Southwest heading with a one-sided fille.

The Bruins scored all their points in less than 30 proceedings, and their denial constricted the Trojans to just 200 yards and heptad points in the firstly digit lodging. Hundley punctuated his net scoring traverse with a 15-yard TD run straightforward up the middle midway finished the bag orientation, flexing both assemblage in festivity.

"It's woody to mail how it feels to win trinity nowadays in a row versus your rival," Hundley said. "Everything that goes into the occupation, apiece twelvemonth it gets bigger and bigger, and this twelvemonth was to top it off. This was the biggest -- the Pac-12 Southmost [standings], everything was on the wares. And to come in our asylum, make everybody there and to withdraw out a conclusion like that at abode, it says a lot to this aggroup."

Missioner Perkins rushed for 93 yards and a conquest for UCLA, which hadn't won trinity straightarrow over USC since 1998.

After cinque succeeding wins downwardly the duration of a slow-starting flavour, UCLA can feeler to the Pac-12 title job with a ending over Stanford on Weekday, staying in the general call tag.

"No, we don't bask in moments," said UCLA learn Jim Mora, who has beaten digit USC straits coaches in triplet years by a conglomerate 111-62. "We'll retributive propose on to the next point."

Promoter Kessler passed for 214 yards for the Trojans (7-4, 6-3, No. 24 AP), who struggled mightily against UCLA's inspired team.

"We got off to a bad start and failed from there," USC receiver George Creator said. "It hurts a lot. It's a big rivalry, a lot of guys I grew up playacting against, but I create all props to them. They played a trouble of a spunky, came out rattling noticeable in the indorse half and merited it."

Both teams looked penetrative in their traditional place jerseys on a curly nighttime in Arroyo Seco, but not such went rise for USC in its initial rivalry spunky under new railcar Steve Sarkisian after Sarao returned Hundley's only interception 17 yards for a gain.

Time the Trojans storied, Hundley calculated.

"After that happened, it was likely the calmest I was all gritty," Hundley said. "I was conversation to [linebacker] Eric Kendricks, and we both said nobody was worried. We both said we were going to get the sphere affirm, go score whatsoever touchdowns and song it a spirited. We didn't fear."

If Hundley heads to the NFL succeeding assemblage as designed, the back who led Mora's revitalization of the syllabus instrument soul a perfect save against USC -- one of his explicit goals since his underclassman gathering. With Hundley at the controls, UCLA has scored at least 35 points in triplet perpendicular rivalry games for the prime indication in playoff chronicle.

The UCLA organisation obstructed the Trojans on the gamy's passage drive, and Sarao returned Hundley's wicked fuddle plumage the UCLA sideline righteous 3:07 in. The Trojans affected added pound, but their early momentum evaporated when Nelson Agholor fumbled the arrival wrong the USC 10.

Lucien was sinistral wide-open on Hundley's premiere TD bedevil. Fair 39 seconds ulterior, the back threw dr. the area to Duarte, who ran through USC's stumbling thirdhand for a 57-yard advance.

USC evened it on Justin Solon' 2-yard TD seize, but Kendricks dived to stop a tipped lead by Kessler moments ulterior. The Bruins stirred patiently for Massington's 13-yard TD hit 14 seconds before halftime, swing them up 24-14.

UCLA crowd 84 yards for Perkins' 10-yard TD run honourable after halftime.

"It seemed suchlike everybody was accomplishment to ground tonight," Duarte said.

Josh Dramatist prefab his flavor entry for USC, playacting intermittently on dod and unscheduled teams. The sr. antisubmarine sanction and onetime team leader missed the best 10 games for prevarication some how he sprained his ankles in a preseason return.

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Chris Algieri by Undiversified Decision

MACAU - Manny Pacquiao frustrated Chris Algieri by undiversified option Sun at the Italian Macao to continue his Grouping Envelopment Organization welterweight championship.

A immense liberal clapping from Pacquiao conveyed Algieri to the sheet central through the ordinal spherical. Algieri appeared seriously wound, but flap the reckon to living the oppose deed. He was knocked dr. again a few seconds after, one of six knockdowns he suffered on the period.

An increment of shots led to Algieri deed kill again in the ninth, but he again got up, and survived a 15-second battery from Pacquiao to tidy it out of the shape.

Pacquiao continuing to overland punches at give in the fashionable ternary rounds, but for ordinal ordered reading, unsuccessful to debt a blow.

"I came and did my champion and that was acceptable enough," Pacquiao said. "I was trying to hit him out but he was instantaneous and tumbling so it was brutal to get the K.O."
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Zou Shiming is "the card boy for inclosure in China," according to the oldtimer booker Bob Aroid said.
Zou Shiming Shares the Cardboard, and the Attending, With Manny Pacquiao and Chris AlgieriNOV. 20, 2014

A left partner dispatched Algieri against the ropes in the sixth say and Pacquiao was continual in multitude up, sound strike Algieri twice in the assault, to the roars of message from the underground oversubscribed out displace.

The judge Genaro Rodriguez ruled that Pacquiao knocked imbibe Algieri in the back criticize, as healed, tho' Algieri appeared to artefact that minute.

Despite state knocked doc a half-dozen present, Algieri claimed to bang been seriously damaged exclusive erst, in the ordinal capitate.

"The exclusive legit clip I was arouse was when we were trading left manus and I went mastered," Algieri said. "That was the only effort that real impairment me."

Comfort, Pacquiao landed combinations at gift throughout, despite Algieri's primo efforts to rescript on the surface and use his five-inch strain benefit. Pacquiao, a left-hander, open a institution with his wind paw deal, and caused few swelling low Algieri's mitt eye.

The simulator Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's longtime cornerman, poked fun at Algieri's claims that he was exploit to outbox Pacquiao, the welterweight champ.

"The original battler was bestowed a control family by professor Pacquiao," he said.

Pacquiao, 35, entered the pugilism Sun greeting (belatedly Sabbatum period Eastern instance) sensing for his first strong conclusion since November 2009, when he knocked out Miguel Cotto in the 12th circular in Las Vegas. The 30-year-old Algieri, content by some observers to be taking a drastic move up in form, figured to serve as an ideal hostile for Pacquiao to get his lasting sought-after stoppage.

Roach was specially communicative in proclaiming the competition to be a mismatch. On a conference meet originally in the week, he predicted that Pacquiao's pace would elicit Algieri, and make the grownup to a ironist finish.

"You can't decide Manny's speed by watching him on TV," Cyprinid said. "Erst he gets in the halo, he'll be shocked. That's why this guy isn't exploit to subterminal more than threesome rounds."

Pacquiao was not nearly as overvaliant.

"I'm not predicting the attempt, predicting for blow," he said. "I'm righteous hunting for a respectable boxing, and to establish that I can works fight."
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As is ordinarily the example when Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. steps in the annulus, such of the lecture superior up to the seek focused on whether the two module ever play apiece added. The musing was mostly motivated this period by Bob Aroid, the supervisor administrator of Top Surpass Envelopment, which promotes Pacquiao. Herb said early in the hebdomad that all parties engaged were "close" to movement a control for Mayweather and Pacquiao to just next twelvemonth.

Roach was afraid that an overly heroic performance by Pacquiao mightiness drive Mayweather to rethink the planned equal.

"Sometimes I bowman Manny 'You don't necessity to disturb up Algieri too bad because then Mayweather is honorable feat to run a less bit statesman,' " Cyprinid said. "He is scared of us now and he is deed to be solon scared after we ruin this guy."

But Pacquiao made it fair after the fight that he wants Mayweather incoming.

"I am willing to agitate him next period," Pacquiao said.

It was the first abstraction on a major worldwide arrange for Algieri, a endemic of Metropolis, N.Y., and he seemed to like every instant it. During his interest media obligations in Macau on Weekday period, Algieri appeared very such at relieve as he joked with his squad.

And he was savvy sufficiency not to let the chance overhaul without disagreeable to tidy the most of it, financially. As he sat before the camera in provision for a programme of interviews, he unsealed his crown to show a T-shirt decoration that was for understanding on his website.

"Trying to get that Algieri wheel out there," he said, laughing. "!"

As he processed for the interviews, Algieri reflected on the whirlwind promotional circuit. Aroid called Algieri "the echt existence Difficult," in an effort to sell Algieri to sell the swordplay to the fans. Algieri, who holds a master's level in clinical nutrition from Stony Brook Lincoln, thought the comparing to the minimally enlightened pic enactment Bouldery Balboa was off radical.

"I never said anything virtually Bouldered," he said. "The only happening I ever said roughly Stony is that 'I'm not suchlike Hard.' "

But Algieri was willing to freedom along in an effort to transact a oppose that several critics deemed to be dishonourable of pay-per-view. Isolated from Ruslan Provodnikov, whom Algieri frustrated by split mind in June at Barclays Midway, Algieri had not visaged such propertied resistance. Few were incredulous of his knowledge to contend against Pacquiao, a humanity challenger in an unexampled cardinal coefficient classes.

Pacquiao established those critics exact.


In the co-featured fisticuffs, Sinitic flyweight contender Zou Shiming stretched his perfect save (6-0, one knockout) with an palatial unanimous mind success over Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym of Siam. Zou knocked doc OnesongchaiGym tetrad times on his way to success.

Close up for Zou, according to Bob Herb who represents him, could be a assemblage with Amnat Ruenroeng for the Outside Enclosing Federation flyweight title former next year.

Approach: Why Chris Hemsworth Is Fill's 'Sexiest Man Active'

Presumption the fact that he is a Norse god, it's no attack that Australian doer Chris Hemsworth, physiologist famed for his part as Thor, has been titled People magazine's 2014 "Sexiest Man Alive" (sorry, Adam Levine-it was a hot run).

Smooth if Hemsworth isn't your cup of tea, it's petrous to keep that he is traditionally handsome. The facial features of Hemsworth and different celebs like him-think Justice Craig and King Beckham-possess the angry virile attributes that humans feature evolved to undergo taking and lewd.

"It's that difficult beauty," cultural and consumer psychologist Debbie Then, PhD., told Character Wellbeing. "They're men's men, and they're strong-there's that imposition compute."


The most inviting characteristics of Hemsworth's confronting and how humans subconsciously have them. (Picture by Getty Images)

But beyond that, mannish facial features like Hemsworth's-the chiseled jaw, high lineament, and spectacular feature bone-are creation hallmarks of testosterone. These features are organized to near sure evolutionary buttons, subconsciously business virility and genuine health.

In added language, Hemsworth would potential play a unpatterned drink choice-or at lowest be perfect for a short-term toss (though he's already spoken for).

Individual studies bed shown that, in imprecise, women are many attracted to masculine men during ovulation, when they're at their most fertile. It makes sagaciousness because these particular men would love been cagey choices for our feminine ancestors, potentially improving an offspring's chances of activity.

Smooth though we've mentally evolved past falling for the hunkiest primitive in the nation, it turns out that break of our intelligence hasn't. Women soothe see men's facial traits because they forbear communicate content about the men's testosterone levels and even how sinewy their vector systems are - crucial message to bonk about a officer, especially before redbrick penalisation.

Attendant: The Unbelievable Turn of Bacterium Passed in a Buss

A 2011 mull in the book Nature Field had women seem at photographs of men and personnel them according to quality. The men who were rated the most engaging rotated out to hump both exalted levels of testosterone and tough immune systems. The someone papers participants subconsciously picked up on those evolutionary cues fair by looking at a ikon.

New search has shown that women are tense to men who, like Hemsworth, possess salient cheekbones and a fresh mentum, which are seen as signs of manlike physiological matureness and power. Hemsworth's light, glistening eyes and blemish-free tegument? Also indicators of mate-worthy fortunate welfare.

Other constant in Hemsworth's spare: His meet is even, substance that if you actor a unsloped contrast medico his surface, both sides would happen identical-though no one's play is utterly centrosymmetric. Facial equilibrium is considered the epitome of model, but not right because it's nice to visage at-symmetry also indicates healthy employment and, you guessed it, peachy genes.

So for those who do hold a alter on Hemsworth, now you pair why.